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What is WordPress

What is WordPress? And how your business can benefit

Often a misunderstood question, but what is WordPress? In the simplest form, WordPress is the most popular Content Management System...

02nd October Website Development Read article

Online business packing

Moving your offline business online?

The past year has seen a real transformation in the way that businesses are operating in the UK. With more...

07th September Website Design Read article

Devign teams up with WYHP

Devign teams up with West Yorkshire Hardship Project

The West Yorkshire Hardship Project, formerly known as “Batley Homeless Project” recently required a complete rebrand and website design following...

04th September News Read article

4 Plain Business cards on wooden tabletop

What to include on a business card?

What to include on a business card? It’s a tricky subject but when it comes to creating our own it’s...

27th August Graphic Design Read article

Man working on laptop planning website development

Google My Business is important, here’s why

Google My Business is a fantastic way of exposing yourself to customers quickly and easily. It's one of the simplest...

06th April Insights Read article

Do i need website hosting?

Do I need website hosting?

If you’re thinking about a website or thinking about something new online, the chances are you’ve heard the phrase “website...

18th March News Read article

Development trends in 2020 and why it matters for businesses

Development trends and what 2020 looks like

Looking at the future of web development in 2020 Every year sees a new shift and shape of development trends...

29th January News Read article