Branding and Identity

Branding & identity should capture exactly what you are about, not explain what you do. Your brand is an identifier for your business, it highlights your values and what you stand for as a company. In almost all cases, the first exposure someone will have with your company will be through your brand. Make it something special.

Branding and design - Devign Studios

A collaborative approach to the branding process

You can have the best product in your industry or your service may outshine the competition, but the truth is, most won’t take a second glance if your branding isn’t up to scratch. Get it wrong and they won’t even look at all. 


We help companies stay up to date with while still standing apart from the competition, but we don’t take over. You know your business, industry and customer better than we ever could. Working closely we’ll get to know exactly what you want to achieve from our discovery process

All the branding assets you’ll need, and then some

Our branding and identity process helps define who you are as a business, and how other people should best represent you online or offline. We’ll provide a full brand guideline booklet setting out a definitive standard for your brand.

Discovery and Consultation

Understanding exactly what you want from your brand is key. Your reasons will determine the requirements of your brand. It’s important to set this out from the beginning.

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Brand Identity and Experience

Your first impression tool, customers make an instant decision on trust value and liability. Perfecting your brand will enable organic growth to become more natural and unforced.

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Brand Assets

Your brand assets are important when showcasing to your customers, a whole host of assets make up your complete branding package. Letterheads, brochures or vehicle wrapping; the list is endless.

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