Brand Assets

Having brand assets is a must-have for your company. It plays a key role in ensuring that you have consistency throughout your brand and allows you to put yourself in front of a wider audience organically and subliminally.

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Logos, colours & fonts

We take enormous pride ensuring that our customers have everything they need to progress with their brand. All of our branding projects come with a set of brand guidelines as standard. This means you have full access to editable versions and variations of your logos, your colour styles and all the font face’s we have used. In conclusion, you can push your brand to the next level, having confidence you can remain consistent.

Rebranding your company

A scary term to some, but for us this means opportunity. Rebranding is something we love to dig into. A lot of companies see this as a reason to change, but we don’t. We have the experience and understanding that a rebrand is the result of multiple factors, so we take this into account. Together, we can take a journey back through your brand and its heritage and build on something to create a more modern and more impressionable feel without losing sight of what matters most.

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Keeping your brand assets consistent

Your goal is to ensure that you can be identified within the blink of an eye, that’s why you must keep your merchandise recognisable. We achieve this by keeping having a keen creative eye that understands the importance of brand implementation. We have had the opportunity to work on multiple brands requiring multiple ways of incorporating their merchandise. Because of this, it has allowed them to fulfil their goals faster. As a result, we are confident we can help you achieve more with your branded workwear, office equipment, folders & files and other merchandise requirements.


You have an identity, but need to portray this onto the shelves. With aisles stacked up with products similar to yours, it means your brand is the difference between a sale and no sale. Because of this, we take care in designing something that stands out from your competitors. You can have complete confidence that you have something in the market, that visually represents your company as much as the product itself.

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General FAQ’s

What are brand assets?

Brand assets are all the elements that make your brand complete. This includes things such as; Logos, Business Cards, Letterheads, Flyers, Compliment Slips, Signage, Exhibitions Stands, Vehicle Wraps, Merchandise and Clothing. The list goes on but in whole, your brand assets are anything that have your logo, or are a visual representation of your company.

Why do i need brand assets?

Brand assets are a vital factor of ensuring your brand stays consistent. Every time someone identifies your company they are looking for a pattern or something they may recognise. Keep your brand consistent across all of your assets to optimise visibility.

If i rebrand, will i need to change my assets?

We always advise refreshing your entire catalog of brand assets during a rebrand. This ensures high levels of consistency and allows the us, the designers to keep the feel of your brand in continuous across all of your designs.