Brand Identity and Experience

Your brand identity lives and evolves in the minds of your consumers, this experience is ultimately crucial to the businesses future. Your brand is more than just a logo, therefore creating an identity in other ways will ultimately benefit your brand. Ultimately your brand highlights your values and what you stand for as a company

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Looking at the finer details, those that shouldn’t be missed

The small details are often easily missed when looking at your brand day in day out, our extensive discovery process collates vital information that we use to create a fantastic customer facing visualisation of your business. We’ll create a brand that signals exactly who you are and what your values are. In conclusion, it enables your customers to immediately understand what you stand for and recognise the value of your company.

Brand identity is the ‘face’ of your business

Ultimately, your logo will become the face of your business. That face should be much more than look cool, it should be directly associated with your brand. A memorable logo that makes a visual impact. Consider Apple, a logo so successful and recognised they don’t even put their name on their products. Your logo should stand out among your competition and immediately catch the attention of consumers.

Brand identity - Devign Studios
Build trust with your brand - Devign Studios

Building credibility and trust

Finally, brand identity shouldn’t just make your business or product memorable, it should build up credibility and trust. Therefore, establishing a clear identity and maintaining consistency over time will only strengthen your credibility. In conclusion, it allows you to become a prominent figure in your marketplace.

General FAQ’s

What is brand identity?

Brand identity is what directly represents who you are and what you stand for. This is portrayed using your brand to allow your customers identify who you are and your core values

What is brand experience?

A brand experience is the feeling that your audience gets when in contact with your brand. This refers back to the gut feeling your customers get when discovering you for the first time.

Why does my brand identity and experience matter?

Take a step back at some of the people you have worked with or purchased recently. Our guess is that you evaluated that company from their look and feel before interacting with them. With that in mind, your brand should portray trust and honesty to ensure your customers have the best first impression.