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We’re helping local charities in Barnsley, Castleford and all across Yorkshire create websites that are fit for purpose, aid donations and capture a wider understanding of their cause.

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Professional website design for charities in Barnsley Castleford and Yorkshire

How we help your charity.

If your charity needs a new website, we will work tirelessly to build something which works perfectly in sync with your current process. We understand that charities have a very specific set of guidelines to follow, which means your website has to follow suit - That’s why we work side by side with you following regulations, incorporating the right information to your contributors and keep you compliant. We can help build information portals to reach your contributors, create stunning news feeds, integrate your social media channels and so much more!

Does my charity need a website?
Local Charity Branding logo design
Responsive device website design and development for charities

Does my charity need a website?

We believe that to get the message to a wider audience, and to keep your current contributors up to date with how you help the community, a website is the best way. A website can help increase the visibility for your charity, beyond that of social media. It’s also a great way to house everything in one place, like your donation portal, a news feed, success stories and information about your charity.

Why we are the right people to help your charity
Responsive mobile website design and development for charity
Responsive device website design and development for charities

Why we're the right people to help build your charity website.

Here at Devign Studios, we’re passionate about building remarkable websites that help support and grow the community. We have the fundamental understanding of what it takes to create a successful website for a charity, and we will be by your side every step of the way to help you when you need it most. By working with us, you can expect the following as a minimum:

A friendly and approachable team.

We’re an open and honest team of creatives and like to think of ourselves as down to earth, friendly and approachable when it comes to our services. We’ll always sit down (with a brew of course) and understand exactly what you would like to achieve from your website.

A personal experience throughout the project.

We like to keep you involved throughout the entire lifetime of your project, you’ll be involved in your web design project every step of the way. Whether you are based Barnsley or London we provide regular updates so you can keep track of your websites progress..

Individual, bespoke designs.

While it would be great if one-size-fits-all worked for everyone, however we understand that’s not always the case. We don’t use 3rd party templates, where’s the fun in having a website that looks like hundreds of others. All our designs are unique, individual and bespoke to you providing a purposeful, custom solution for your website design.

Quality solutions exact to your requirements.

Our ethos is to provide the highest quality web design solution for you that matches your requirements perfectly, we won’t rush our projects either. If you are looking for a new website within the next week we’re probably not right for you, by working with us you can expect a comprehensively planned, considered and tailored approach over 4-12 weeks.

Clear and concise pricing with no hidden extras.

We appreciate that web design costs can be a little bit confusing, especially if you’ve never had a website built before. However, we provide a full breakdown of costs, along with key milestones and give you an understanding of your project before we get started. What’s better is, any additional costs are clearly laid out to give complete transparency if you require additional work.

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From small to large UK charities, we can help.

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Our latest charity web project

We are proud to work with local Yorkshire charities; as well as national charities across the UK. Here’s our latest branding and website development project for a local charity:

West Yorkshire Hardship Project - Brand Guidelines

West Yorkshire Hardship Project

Enhanced your charities online web presence in your local area.

We can help with many forms of web design for charities, just take a look a select few of our specialist web design services:

Full website design.

Full website design is our cup of tea! If you’ve yet to make a presence on the web and require a full website design we can help. We’ll understand your requirements and provide you with modern, sleek and visually stunning full website design.

Website redesign

Does your existing web design appear a little outdated and no longer grabs your attention? Has there been a decline in traffic in recent months? We can take your existing website and bring it back to life with a fresh new website redesign.

e-Commerce website design.

Online shopping has become increasingly more popular over the past decade, as more and more businesses take the leap online it is vital your e-commerce website stands out. Regardless of the size of your product list, we can help make the transition from shop front to a successful e-commerce website.

Brochure website design

Simply, sleek brochure websites provide a beautiful visual solution but offer fewer pages than traditional website design. We’ll provide your users with all the information they would need in one space to ensure they find the right information in the shortest time.

Search engine optimisation

If your website is not optimised for search it can hinder your success online, that’s because nobody is able to find you with a quick Google search. We will ensure that your website will perform well through fine-tuned technical search engine optimisation increasing your website's chances to be found online.

Personalised website design  for your charityy
Bespoke website design for your charity

Is there a discount for charity websites?

Of course! We believe strongly that giving back to the community is one of the most rewarding things a business can do for local charities. Discounts can range from 10% - 25% depending on the service and requirements, but this will all be broken down into small digestible payments to help your board understand your investment and to help cash flow so you can focus on the other important areas of the charity.

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