Illustrations are growing ever more popular, it’s no longer just small icons or hand-drawn words. Companies are using illustration as the backbone of their brand, and we can understand why.

Hand drawn illustration - Devign Studios

Hand-Drawn Illustrations

In the past we have been requested all sorts of styles, Some even want to replicate the work of a famous artist and implement it into their brand. Regardless of how different or obtuse the request is, we love the challenge. We create hand-drawn illustrations using industry-leading software like adobe illustrator. As a result, you can use these illustrations to implement into anything, regardless of size requirement.

What’s best is that our designs are 100% hand-drawn, this means you won’t see a design like it anywhere else. Illustrations are the way forward and a worthwhile investment for companies that are trying to stand out from the crowd.


Smaller and more delicate designs are also something we cater for. If you’re like us and dislike the overused icons on websites, print and other formats then we can help. We can create a small or large icon library to tie into your brand.

To be unique you need to think out of the box, icons do just that. Implement your style, into your website, email signatures, letterheads postcards… the possibilities are endless, not to mention one of a kind.

Iconography design - Devign Studios

General FAQ’s

What are the benefits of illustration?

Creating something truly unique is always at the forefront of every business. Express yourself in a completely unique to you way by incorporating hand drawn illustrations for your brand.

What can i get illustrated?

We have worked on hundreds of illustrations in the past, the answer truly is endless. For example, we could illustrate your working office, staff members, your office pet and even items that you use day to day like a computer.

Why illustrations and not photos?

There are many reasons illustrations are better. The first is the ability to truly create something that a camera perhaps can not. Secondly, your competitors are probably use stock photos...ew! Additionally, creating photos that are exciting and engaging are quite hard to come by, whilst illustrations take care of all that for you!