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Why Google My Business is so important to local businesses
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Google My Business is a fantastic way of exposing yourself to customers quickly and easily. It's one of the simplest and easiest ways of enabling potential customers to get in touch.

Ashley Sherwood 06th April 2020

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Understand your options when it comes to website hosting
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If you’re thinking about a website or thinking about something new online, the chances are you’ve heard the phrase “website hosting”. Whenever you look at the subject you’ll probably find lots of information you may not truly understand. Then you’ll probably ask yourself “do I actually need website hosting?”. The short answer is yes. We’ve […]

Ashley Sherwood 18th February 2020

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Do i need a new website for my business
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Understand the reasons why you need a website for your business & how this could directly increase sales and enquiries through some simple website changes.

Adam Brook 04th February 2020

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Development trends in 2020 and why it matters for businesses
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Looking at the future of web development in 2020 Every year sees a new shift and shape of development trends throughout the industry, a lot can happen in 12 months. Looking back over the last 10 years, the industry has changed drastically. From static HTML webpages and Content Management Systems, we’ve now got API’s pushing […]

Ashley Sherwood 29th January 2020

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Responsive websites designs across multiple devices
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Caring about your online presence and website in 2020? If you’re making the decision to invest in a new website in 2020, choosing the right company to deliver an online presence for your brand can be one heck of a headache. It’s important you understand exactly what you’ll be getting, and why the finished product […]

Adam Brook 22nd January 2020

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Top 5 UI Trends in 2020
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We have entered a new decade, and the new decade hosts some of the most adventurous diverse UI trends we’ve seen so far. Here is Devign Studios‘ take on the up and coming UI trends in 2020. Our top 5 UI trends are to help you discover what your users and audience love to see. The […]

Adam Brook 17th January 2020

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Making the right choice When is ever the best time to invest in a new website, we’ve provided a few questions that might help you in making the decision. I last updated my website…? Times changed, and so do brands; your website should reflect your company and brand. If you’ve changed your brand without updating […]

Adam Brook 14th January 2020

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