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West Yorkshire Hardship Project

A local charity providing support and connecting people experiencing hardship and homelessness with the care they need to move forward in West Yorkshire.

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West Yorkshire Hardship Project Brand Guidelines Brochure

Overview and brief

The West Yorkshire Hardship Project, formerly known as “Batley Homeless Project” provides support for people experiencing hardship and poverty with the care and advice they need to survive and move forward. The charity required a complete rebrand and website design following their charity name change in August 2020.

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West Yorkshire Hardship Project Letterhead with logo in corner
West Yorkshire Hardship Project Logo Sketch on notepad

The challenge

Create a brand that would signal hope for those in need.

The West Yorkshire Hardship Project decided to change their name at the end of the tax year to increase their reach to people who need their help. Due to this, they required new branding as well as an online presence to reflect on the new charity name.

Working with the charity we faced the following tasks:

  • Create a brand that would reflect their ethos and ensure people understood what support they provide from the offset.
  • Design and develop a functional yet intuitive website providing quick and easy access to support, help and advice - alongside publicly available volunteer resources.
West Yorkshire Hardship Project landing page displayed on iMac
West Yorkshire Hardship Project display on iPhone

What we did

Complete branding, coupled with unique design and bespoke development.

We started by collating ideas on how best to achieve a “single glance identity”, to try and capture everything that is the West Yorkshire Hardship Project in one easily recognisable visual identity.

Once a logo and palette were created, we created a comprehensive set of brand guidelines to further support the charity and help to keep understanding, clarity and recognition of the brand as strong as possible.

We carried out a complete redesign of the existing website, providing a completely new visual identity for the charity online. The new design included completely new visual elements that would fit seamlessly into the new brand and colour scheme.

With a complete design, the development phase was essential in ensuring ease of use throughout. The website was built from the ground up providing the charity and its trustees with the ability to manage the platform seamlessly.

How we did it

Branding - Logo Design, Brand Guidelines and Social Identity

Working with the chairperson of the charity, we quickly got to terms with the requirements of the brand. Using inspiration from their previous logo, we incorporated elements of their identity and integrated them in a modern and simplistic design that can be used as both a logo mark and icon mark dependent on the requirements.

On completion of the form factor, and with some careful consideration, we came up with a palette which defies the norm of logo design. Instead of using a limited number of colours, we opted for a more rainbow approach, to help identify the hope and happy nature of the charity.

Design & Interactive Prototyping

With the brand in place, we transitioned over to the visual representation of the brand in their new website. As always, we used a tool called “Adobe XD” which helped us begin the fundamental wireframing of the website. Our wireframes are always based on user experience, and information provided by the client. In this instance, all pages followed a funnel to ensure multiple goals could be achieved, such as donating, becoming a volunteer or even start fundraising on behalf of the West Yorkshire Hardship Project

Once the wireframing had been completed, we began implementing the brand element of their design. This incorporated all key assets from the above brand guidelines which included; fonts, colours, logo sizing variations of their logo and so much more. In the end, we achieved a very intuit website which was ready to start being developed.

Website Development

As with the majority of our projects, we opted for WordPress to be our CMS for the build. Before this, their website was built on WiX, the online web builder. We believe that switching from WiX to WordPress will give the West Yorkshire Hardship Project much more freedom and flexibility in the future. Using a custom theme built by us, we created an easy to use admin area for their Admin team, ensuring new pages, blog posts, resources and events could be added within a matter of minutes. This created less opportunity for error and increased time efficiency - managing the website is now a breeze.

Launch and results

The initial public reaction to the new charity name and rebrand was a great success, with an immediate positive response to the new brand and name. Following on from the publication of the brand, the website launched with all the available resources available for volunteers and those in need of support. Within the first 24 hours of launch, the website feedback has been amazing and we look forward to continuing to help and support the West Yorkshire Hardship Project for many years to come.

What they say

West Yorkshire Hardship Project - Logo

West Yorkshire Hardship Project

Derek Hallas

A massive thank you goes out to Adam and Ashley from Devign Studios for their fantastic support in the design, functionality and support in putting this website together. You have been an amazing organisation to work with in helping us get there.

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