Update your customers with our COVID-19 WordPress plugin

This WordPress plugin will add a small button labelled “COVID-19 Update”  which will stick to the right hand side of every page of your website. When a user clicks this button, a slide out area will appear which contains all the information you wish to provide your customers and clients with. This information can include opening hours, policies and optionally a link to local COVID-19 advice and information.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) WordPress Plugin

Reviews for the COVID-19 plugin

Here are some kind words written by people just like you that are benefitting from this plugin.

Thank you for this great plugin! An easy way for me to update my clients' sites with a Covid-19 message. Mobile responsive.


This plugin is helping us as a business give all of our customers, clients and suppliers the information we need during the current COVID-19 pandemic. It was easy to install and we can update it daily if we need to.

New Craven Hall

Litterally took two minutes to setup. Looks well, modern, simple and effective. It does what it says on the tin!!


A really simple plugin to use, very simple and easy to use. Got a message up for all my customers in a matter of minutes.


5 Simple to follow stages

Follow this guide to ensure you are updating your customers with the information they require about your business and COVID-19.


Download the WordPress plugin by entering your email below.


Install the plugin onto your WordPress site. You can follow this guide.


Click the COVID-19 button in your WordPress admin menu.


Check the Enable button and fill out all important information you wish to show your customers.


Press save and check your website.

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It’s a tough time, but we’re not alone. It’s important we stay in touch with those close to us. Pick up the phone and talk to your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.

Safe lives by keeping a 2 meter distance from others when in a key job or out exercising. Support each other and stay safe in these difficult times.

Plugin FAQ's

What is the COVID-19 WordPress Plugin?

This WordPress plugin was created to help you provide all the information to your business and how it has been affected by COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

What information can I put into the COVID-19 plugin?

The way we have created this plugin is to be as universally accessible as possible. This means there is no limit to how much information you can provide inside the plugin. We have also added a section to link through to your local councils COVID-19 updates.

How will this plugin help?

Quite simply it will help communication between your business and your customers. This is a vital tool that can alleviate the stress caused by questions needing to be asked. Saving both you and your customers time.

How can I install this WordPress plugin?

Inside this page you will find a step by step guide on how to install the plugin onto your WordPress site. We also provide a link through to WordPress's guide to help you download and get a plugin onto your website.

How compatible is this plugin?

We’ve created the plugin to be as compatible as possible across all different types of devices and web browsers. We’ve used compatible CSS for all browsers and limited certain functionality to ensure cross-compatibility.

What options are available?

We understand that no website is ever the same, we’ve carefully added specific settings to provide you with customisation options. You can choose from Display, Content and Theme options to suit your site.

What are the display options?

You have the option to display your COVID-19 Updates pop out in one of four locations on your site (top, right, bottom or left). You can also select visibility if you would like temporarily hide the plugin without uninstalling.

Can I change the overall style?

It’s important that our plugin meets your website’s style and theme. You are able to amend the primary theme colour of the badge and pop out. As well as the text colour to match the primary theme colour.

Does this plugin cost to use?

This plugin is completely FREE of charge for anyone with a WordPress website and we are not seeking any financial gain from this plugin. We built COVID-19 Updates for WordPress to help individuals and businesses when they need it the most.