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We provide ongoing website support and maintenance packages to help maintain and grow your website - freeing up your time and allowing you to focus on running your business.

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SiteCare is all in one website support and maintenance for your business.

SiteCare by Devign is a tailored solution for professionals and businesses providing you with a complete website support and maintenance service every month. Our professional team maintains and monitors your website to ease the stress of owning a website. We’ll take care of all website updates, create and edit pages and posts, manage products and apply technical SEO optimization to increase your search performance.

If your website is built in WordPress or any of the popular CMS’s we’ll ensure all of your plugins, themes and core frameworks are up to date all year round. Find out how our website support and maintenance packages can help your business.

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Our website support & maintenance packages

Our packages are designed to suit you and your website. We provide different levels of support and maintenance depending on size, functionality and your plans for growth in the future.

Standard SiteCare

Perfect for personal websites and blogs. Comes with 40 minutes-per-month for support and ticket requests.

Essential SiteCare

Ideal for small businesses looking to grow their website. This package includes 60 minutes-per-month for support and ticket requests.

Premium SiteCare

The best-suited package for the larger businesses looking to outsource their website maintenance. Includes 80 minutes-per-month for support and ticket requests.

Additional components to support your SiteCare package.

Every website requires a little less or a little more, our SiteCare add-ons provide this flexibility to your website support and maintenance package.


If your running an e-Commerce website such as WooCommerce you’ll require our e-Commerce add-on for your chosen package. Our e-Commerce add-on provides you with support and assistance with your online store should something go wrong.

SEO optimisation.

If you are looking to improve your online visibility we’d recommend you to add our SEO optimisation add-on. You’ll receive detailed reports on your domain and keyword analytics every month. Get to know your competitor’s traffic, sources and ranking with SEO optimisation.

The importance of website support and maintenance.

We know first hand that keeping your website up to date with information and security is a lengthy process. It’s for that reason we have created SiteCare to ensure you never have to worry about your website maintenance again. Throughout your package, you’ll have one to one support when you need it most as well as a personalised service which will help understand your business and speed up the process of expanding and improving your website.

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How website support and maintenance can help your business.

We have developed the way we support our customers in a way that is easy, efficient and highly effective. By signing up for SiteCare, you’ll gain full access to our “Vault”. Vault is an all in one portal where you can raise support and work tickets, schedule meetings, view your SiteCare reports and even view your payments and invoices.

However, it’s not just the portal we have that’s amazing, it’s also the 1 to 1 support you receive from a professional member of our team. We’ll help, support and guide you through your website whenever you need, and if you feel like you want us to take the reins, that’s no problem.

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The full breakdown of our SiteCare Packages.

We’ve highlighted all the features our website support and maintenance packages offer in one easy to understand table comparison.

Standard SiteCare

Ideal for personal websites and blogs.

Essential SiteCare

Small businesses looking to grow.

Premium SiteCare

Larger businesses looking to outsource.

WordPress core updates Update your WordPress installation in a controlled environment.MonthlyMonthlyWeekly
Theme updates Ensure that your WordPress theme is running on it’s latest version.MonthlyMonthlyWeekly
Plugin updates Maintain security by keeping your plugins up-to-date and secure.MonthlyMonthlyWeekly
Security report Regular anti-virus and domain black-listing scan (when your site is hosted with us).MonthlyMonthlyWeekly
Uptime report Constant uptime monitoring and detailed reports and any outages.MonthlyMonthlyWeekly
Full SiteCare report Comprehensive monthly report detailing all actioned changes per month.MonthlyMonthlyWeekly
Help and advice
Support & maintenance time Dedicated time each month to use on request changes for your website.40 minutes60 minutes80 minutes
Response time Initial response time from issuing a change request.24 Hours24 Hours12 Hours
Ticket completion time Completion time from initial ticket response to ticket completion.Upto 7 daysUpto 7 daysUpto 2 days
Build new website pages Add additionally designed webpages into your website.
Content and image changes Comprehensive monthly report detailing all actioned changes per month.
Meta title & description changes
Bug fixes
1-to-1 Support
Access to Vault by Devign
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