Website Design

Website design that puts the user first. Any good website design focuses on three main factors: what the company wants, what the designer knows will work and what the end-user will engage with best. We consider every angle carefully, but the user is the most important. After all, the user is the one who is going to be using your website.

Whatever we create, we put ourselves in the shoes of your clients and customers. We carry out persona research to understand what they want and how they are going to use and interact with your website. Creating user interfaces that make the customer journey easy, all while looking amazing.

Multiple concept ideas for website

Getting a feel for the perfect website design

Design changes fast, it’s one of the biggest challenges we face. Updated software versions, new industry standards and even the devices that we use to browse the web. We ensure we stay on top of all the latest development trends and put these into practice within all our web designs. We’ll aim to get a clear taste for your design direction, and run from there.

Complete design coupled with interaction and prototypes

Using industry leading software to perfect your design, it’s important to us we get things right. Which is why we use the right tools for the job. Our designs are carefully crafted on the specialist user-interface tool Adobe XD. Combining prototypes and interaction into the design, we are able to give you a near exact visualisation of your website; minus the code. Our designs don’t move into development until you’re 100% happy with the design.

Prototyped concept design on-screen
Responsive design on various devices

A responsive website design that can be viewed on any device

Mobile matters, it’s popularity and preference over desktop is increasing year on year. Let’s be honest, your visitors are almost certainly visiting your website from mobile (even if you think there not). Offering the best experience across all devices is important. One important factor search engines will consider when ranking your site is mobile performance. Favouring those who offer better experiences on mobile, tablets and desktop – not one over the other.

General FAQ’s

How long does it take to design a website?

How long is a piece of string? The honest answer is there isn't one. It completely depends on your project requirements. A five to ten-page brochure website will take considerably less time than a bespoke design on every page. It's important to factor in time to understand your design requirements and what you want your website to accomplish. So you've to account for this too!

What will my prototyped design look like?

A prototyped design is a visual representation of what your website will look like prior to development. A prototyped concept will allow you to see how certain elements interact with one another. How certain items transition as well as navigate through your website.

Will my website be responsive?

Yes, every website we design takes into consideration mobile responsiveness. Mobile matters, we include responsive design into everything we create. It's a user expectation that your website is mobile responsive. There are no hidden secrets when it comes to responsive design, it's included in everything we do.

How many times can I change my design?

We start out the process by getting an understanding into the direction you would like to take your website during an initial consultation. Once we enter the initial design phase we present our initial ideas where we will ask for feedback. From here we'll decide on the best design route to take and follow one solid design throughout for the rest of the website.