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Development trends and what 2020 looks like


Development trends in 2020 and why it matters for businesses

Looking at the future of web development in 2020

Every year sees a new shift and shape of development trends throughout the industry, a lot can happen in 12 months. Looking back over the last 10 years, the industry has changed drastically. From static HTML webpages and Content Management Systems, we’ve now got API’s pushing content out to hundreds of sources globally.

Keeping up with every new trend can seem daunting, as a business owner it’s important to look at any new and future technologies and make sure you’re prepared. Take a look at some of the important web development trends we’ll see in 2020.

Modular design and its importance

Modular design isn’t a new development trend by any means, however, the popularity of this method has grown as websites and web applications have grown in complexity.

This method is based on the creation of independent blocks that all work together seamlessly. When a new block is added you don’t rebuild the rest. Think of lego, each piece must interlock with the rest. On its own a piece is useless, but 50 pieces together and you can create something special.

Apply this to web development allows you to create a selection of template views that can be reused in numerous scenarios. When coupled with a content management system, these views can be used to display the content quickly and efficiently for an end-user.

Modular design gives a business the opportunity to grow the website with business growth. Done properly, a business can reduce cost and time associated with development while vastly improving flexibility. You won’t see modular design disappearing anytime soon.

Voice search commands continuously on the rise

By 2020, 50% of all searches across the internet will be voice-based. Voice search is becoming extremely popular, with 40% of adults using voice search at least once per day, for searches such as “where the nearest pizza place” or “where is the cheapest place for fuel” clearly shows a trend.

Why should you care? according to Google, 20% of all queries are in fact from voice search, consumers are becoming more and more comfortable using their own voice to find the information they are looking for online.

Voice search becoming one of the key development trends in 2020

The next question you’ll probably be asking is “Ok Google, How do I optimise my website for voice search?”. Luckily, the Web Speech API provides the ability to offer voice search within your own website. See their online tutorials on basic implementation and getting started.

At this moment, Google Chrome and Firefox support the Web Speech API, meaning you can easily configure your website for voice search. Your new customers can both find your website as well as the information they need on a specific page using their voice, making their life much easier.

API first design a key player

Every year the world becomes more and more connected, the previous five years have seen a rise of over 285% of devices connected to the internet of things (IoT). A number only looking to increase, a business must consider how a user will connect to their service; but more importantly what device is connecting. Thus, API first design.

Traditionally a web application would be built, and only when there is a need for integration would an API be developed. The result would often be an artificial API not properly developed and tested.

API first design involves creating the API and then building your applications on top. This result would force the developer to build and design an API that can be seamlessly integrated with any app. A more real-world and developer-friendly REST API.

By developing an API first, you’re laying down the foundations for others to build on; saving time by having data readily accessible for a front end development team. Websites and apps can be built quicker through scalability via an efficient API, it’s easy to see why API first design is one of the key development trends.

Chatbots becoming a key player for consumers

Chatbots are the future and implementing them in 2020 is a must, whether it’s Facebook Messenger, HubSpot Chat or any of the other widely popular options out there. Companies are integrating chatbots directly into their business. Customer service, marketing and selling products are becoming more and more popular use for chatbots.

40% of consumers do not care if a chatbot is a human or a robot as long as they get the help they need. While 48% of consumers actually prefer live chat than any other form of contact.

Not surprising right, chatbots are perfect and based on the statistics. So its likely businesses are going to be even more enticed to use them over the next 12 months.

If you’re a business planning on making the decision to upgrade or update your website in 2020, consider the development trends coming in 2020 and how your business can benefit. Most importantly how not to fall behind.

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This article was written by AshleySherwood on the 29th January 2020 and was last updated on the 29th January 2020.

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