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AEFM International

A boutique elite fitness modelling agency representing hundreds of talented models in the health and fitness space across Australia.

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AEFM website displayed on MacBook and iPhone

Overview and brief

As a market leading fitness talent agency in Australia, AEFM International required a variety of solutions to provide better opportunities for engagement and growth. As well as new internal processes to create a seamless user experience.

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Adobe XD wireframe and prototype of the AEFM International website
AEFM PDF generated talent composition cards

The challenge

Improve the overall customer experience

AEFM International required a website that would quickly and effectively engage it’s demanding audience, driving them to enquire. Precisely communicating who you are and what you do effectively can be difficult for any business.

With two main business avenues, AEFM International services new and emerging professional fitness models alongside casting directors from across Australia. This gave us the following challenges:

  • Bespoke, unique talent mainboard to house the talent models individual professional portfolio and assets.
  • Unique autoresponder tool built to streamline internal processes for aspiring fitness professionals.
  • Build a flexible, yet functional shortlisting system - providing a tool to simply and efficiently submit casting requests for fitness professionals.
AEFM talent mainboard displayed on MacBook
Quick search talent form AEFM International

What we did

UI / UX overhaul to effectively engage a demanding audience

We crafted a journey that makes the best use of AEFM International’s number one asset, it’s talent. With readily available industry grade photography coupled with bold and concise statements, we could deliver a clear message - above the fold.

We looked at the journey of every page individually, carefully crafting a journey specific tailored to each persona. Encouraging clicks whilst ensuring a simple and seamless experience.

How we did it


In order to successfully deliver the engaging experience, the website was driven through powerful content and superior photography. We wanted to provide more opportunities for visitors to understand AEFM International.

This foundation started with wireframing, targeting each user type individually to create a specific journey. Creating unique experiences for potential clients and new and existing fitness models.

Design & Interactive Prototyping

The overall website design tailored to a much more modern look and feel, utilizing Adobe XD. We were able to deliver a polished design, complete with interactive prototypes prior to any development.

AEFM were able to see a visual interpretation of a new website, and how users would interact with elements - prior to any development.

Website Development

We utilized WordPress as the framework for AEFM International’s website, a feature-rich developer-friendly foundation allowed us to deliver a precise solution. Whilst retaining a user friendly dashboard for regular content edits internally.

WordPress enabled us to:

  • Build a bespoke talent search tools specifically designed to search and filter fitness talent models. Whilst providing recommendations and relatable search terms.
  • Craft a unique composition tool, allowing live site data to be exported directly into a newly designed composition card PDF for casting directors.
  • Create a shortlisting system that would provide casting directors with the ability to select and shortlist talent.
  • Simplify internal business processes with talent automation, by implementing a tiered application process.

Launch and results

With a complete redesign and fully developed website, AEFM International launched with major success. Achieving over new talent submission 10 enquiries in a consecutive five day period.

What they say

AEFM International Logo Square

Australias Elite Fitness Models

Jason Shepherd

A small but mighty team of creative thinkers, is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

I was fortunate to have crossed paths with Ashley and Adam approximately 6-weeks ago. AEFM International reached out to several developers in the bid to revamp its existing website.

From day one, whatever apprehension I had soon disappeared and was replaced with total confidence. In all my years of dealing with large conglomerates at senior levels, I have never dealt with such a professional team, in any capacity, whatsoever.

At every stage I have been kept up to speed with my project. There were weekly meetings conducted and I was given daily updates on the work they completed. They are prompt, courteous, technically proficient and creative.

I seldom make recommendations, but on this occasion I have no hesitation in saying that whoever you are, whatever sized project you may have, Devign Studios are the right team for the job and I hope you are lucky enough to work with them.

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