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Drilling towards a greener future

Future Drilling Services Business card & Branding

The Brief

Future Drilling Services is a start-up that provides drilling services in the green energy industry. They required a new brand identity and website to launch their business and establish themselves as a competitor in the market.

Future Drilling Services Rig Future Drilling Services Website Future Drilling Services Business card & Branding Future Drilling Services Rig

Our objective

Our objective was to create a minimalistic brand that would resonate with their target audience while capturing the essence of their business. Once the brand was complete, we designed and developed a brochure-style website showcasing their work, machines, and experience. The website’s baseline goal was to establish Future Drilling as a significant player in their niche industry.

Our team collaborated with Future Drilling Services to develop a brand identity that was attractive and relatable at first glance. The newly created brand effectively positioned Future Drilling as a competitor to other established businesses in the industry. Our team also created a unique, usable, and immersive website, allowing Future Drilling to showcase their services and work in their best light.

What we achieved

The project results were impressive, with Future Drilling Services successfully launching its brand and website in the market. The website provided an engaging and interactive user experience, allowing potential customers to explore Future Drilling’s services and offerings easily. The website effectively helped Future Drilling establish itself as a critical player in the industry, and their unique brand identity enabled them to stand out in a crowded market. Overall, our team delivered a polished and usable brand identity and website, setting Future Drilling Services up for success as they continue to grow their business.

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