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Five Towns Home Assistance

Five Towns Home Assistance provides award-winning professional home assistance services. Providing a wide variety of services to support individuals and loved-ones, helping maintain independence and dignity around the home.

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Five Towns website displayed on MacBook and iPhone

Overview and brief

With an existing website that was no longer fit for purpose, Five Towns required a new website design and development that would enhance the user experience for visitors coming to the site.

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Five towns website displayed across multiple mobile screens

The challenge

Create a design to enhance the user experience

One of the main problems Five Towns faced with the existing website was it’s an outdated and old school page builder. The technology had in-fact reached its end-of-life. This problem meant that updating the site proved difficult and time-consuming and using the website wasn’t a simple task when it came to even basic changes.

The existing website was created on an outdated and page builder that had reached its end-of-life. With a dated design and poor structure, it proved difficult for users to find information and was not optimised for mobile and tablet devices either.

Our goal was to completely redesign and develop the site, enhancing the user experience and, whilst ensuring Five Towns could easily create, update and remove content from the website.

Five towns website displayed on a mobile device
Five towns website displayed on a an iPad

What we did

A component led, beautiful and easy to maintain website

We used WordPress to create the new website, the popular CMS meant we could keep things extremely simple for Five Towns. Our component led development approach allowed us to craft intuitive UI on the backend.

On the frontend, we designed a collection of components, all working together to compliment the design. This enabled us to craft a number of unique layouts, creating a seamless user journey.

Our journey saw us;

  • Create an enhanced new website design
  • Craft a bespoke website in Wordpress
  • Tailored optimisation across a variety of devices
  • Create an accessibility text-resize tool for users
  • Build specific user-based forms to collect relevant information

How we did it

Website Design & Interactive Prototyping

We created an overview mockup on Five Towns new website, which included interactive components to demonstrate how little elements throughout the website would function.

Website Development

WordPress was used as the primary foundation for Five Towns new website. With a user-friendly dashboard for content edits internally, Five Towns now had the ability to amend and update the website on a regular basis.

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