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Jason Shepherd Photography

Jason Shepherd produces Giclée Fine Art prints showcasing the different aspects of the world that are simply forgotten.

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e-commerce website displayed on a iMac

Overview and brief

To create a website that would provide a user experience to reflect the quality of the work displayed. Jason required a website design that would provide customers with a simple user flow when navigating the site.

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Jason Shepherd Photography website displayed on iPad

The challenge

Create a balanced website that could support an ever growing collection of art

In order to balance the website, and make content easy to find we need to find a suitable way to balance the many prints and collections that Jason has curated throughout his photography career. This meant organising the content on the website in a way that would reflect this.

One of the main points was to create multiple different aspects within the website that provided a way to find prints listed. We created a unique collections feature within the site that would allow the grouping and organising of prints into their own “album”, with relatable and similar products presented on-screen side by side.

Jason Shepherd website displayed on a mobile device
Jason Shepherd photography collection displayed on a macbook pro

What we did

An e-Commerce solution that would scale as the collections grow

In order to keep things simple, we used WordPress, coupled with WooCommerce to create a web solution that was simple and easy for Jason to manage. A platform that would allow the offering to scale and grow over time;

As part of the build, we created;

  • An e-Commerce website that would grow with the business and easily cater for future products and collections.
  • A mobile and user-friendly website that was simple and easy to use.
  • A purpose-built product viewer that would allow users to view the print, in-situ and in-size to visualise the print in a surrounding environment.
  • Order tracking availability providing users with the ability to track their order directly from their account

How we did it

Website Design & Interactive Prototyping

We created initial web page designs which included interactive components to demonstrate how fundamental elements throughout the website would function.

Website Development

We used WordPress and WooCommerce frameworks to develop the website and to assist with the maintenance of the site whilst retaining the ability to develop flexibly. The popular CMS allowed us to develop a truly extensive platform that catered to Jason's requirements whilst speeding up the development process.

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